Gardening – Building a Greenhouse #2

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Building a Greenhouse #2



What’s Needed:

  • 2” x 2” x 8’ pieces of wood
  • Plastic Roll (Green or Clear)
  • Velcro
  • Mesh Screen (Sun Shade Screen)
  • Nails – 3” or 3 ½”
  • Hammer
  • Saw



Looks like we are at it again!

After just a couple months of growing our tomato plants have outgrown our tent shaped greenhouse which we built in the previous edition of this blog. Although we allotted for a fair amount of ground space, the tent shape did not give much room at the top of the structure for the tomato plants to flourish.

Thus, we decided we were in need of yet another rooftop greenhouse for our rooftop garden. Luckily we had left over nails, and plastic from the previous go. So we set out to get some more 2” x 2” x 8’ lengths of wood and brought them over to our local hackerspace (Noisebridge). We designed another shape to withstand the high winds that we get on our roof but made sure this time that the structure would be tall enough to allow room for our plants.

After deciding on a unique shape I figured out my cuts, measured twice and then cut once. We brought all the pieces back home and began to build the structure on the roof. As you will see in the pictures there are some small additional pieces on one side of the structure. These are not to reinforce the structure at all. They are used to keep the plastic from blowing back and forth which creates lots of noise in our house below.

We suggest again to use a sun shade screen of green color and velcro the entire edges of the opening which will be used to enter the greenhouse so that you may water or rearrange plants. During the day you can take off the outer plastic shell of the door and leave the screen in place. This will keep all the bad bugs out, the good bugs in and let in some good fresh air. Otherwise you can burn your plants if you do not let enough airflow into the structure and suffocate your plants or burn them from too much heat exposure.

Our structure may seem flimsy but we deal with strong winds on our roof which basically acts as a wind tunnel since it is sided by two larger buildings. If you don’t have much wind, I can assure you that the 2” x 2” pieces will work just fine. All in all we spent about $60 on this greenhouse. Most of the cost went to velcro.

We hope you do well on your next greenhouse and remember it is always better to do it yourself than buy it from someone else.


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